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If you would like to know how to reach Our PSCA Board President who does not live here or own Property here or if you would like to know how to reach Our PSCA Board Secretary who does not live here either ... please Register to gain access to Our PSCA Property Owners and Renters Neighborhood Website.

PSCA Board Meeting December 10th 2012 at the North Government Center

Purple Sage Cluster Neighborhood Website

Welcome to your neighborhood Website!  This site was created by neighbors for neighbors.  We rely on you to provide content and to help make it a place where you can share ideas, learn a thing or two about your community, meet new people, plan/announce events, complain, give kudos, get on a soapbox if you want, and to have some fun!  As a REGISTERED MEMBER you will be able to look-up contact Information for Our Board of Directors and Contractors and view, download and print Cluster Documents such as Our Newsletters, Bylaws, Board and Annual Meeting Agendas, Minutes, Contracts and much more.

This is NOT an official Purple Sage Cluster website.  It is a resource for Purple Sage neighbors.  So you will NOT see lists of rules and regulations about things like trash removal, how to walk your dog, or myriad other facts and factoids on policy enforcement.

To become a Member and to start taking advantage of everything this site offers just click on 'Register'.

There are two questions in the Registration Process which come from; 'Date of Birth' and 'Gender'.  We recommend not using your real date of birth.  We're pretty sure that asks these questions to customize their Banners while you are on any site.

The adjoining Communities; Country Walk Cluster, Walnut Ridge Cluster, Creek Bend and Carisbrooke Housing Developments are interested in joining our Website so they can sharing with us.  This is a fantastic way to enhance real community spirit by working together.

We encourage lively debate and want to hear differing opinions and viewpoints.  There is rarely just one solution to a problem, so let's hear them all.

This site will only be as good as the information that you provide.  Please register, become a member, and start sharing your ideas on how to make Purple Sage a great place to live, play, and for many of us to work.

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